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ICAR-CRIDA Organizes Parthenium Awareness Week during 16- 22 August 2023

ICAR-CRIDA organised Parthenium Awareness Day on 21st August 2023 at Hayatnagar Research Farm (HRF), ICAR-CRIDA, Hyderabad. Dr S. K. Chaudhari, DDG (NRM), Dr Vinod Kumar Singh, Director, ICAR-CRIDA, and about 150 participants comprising of scientists, technical officers, and students participated in the event. Dr Vinod Kumar Singh, Director, ICAR-CRIDA welcomed the participants and apprised the harmful effects of Parthenium like skin allergy (dermatitis), high fever and asthma in human beings and stressed the need to manage this weed an integrated mode i.e through mechanical, cultural and biocontrol methods. He also informed that the Parthenium Week is being conducted at ICAR-CRIDA, and in TSP, SCSP and MGMG adopted villages for creating awareness amongst the farmers.

Dr S. K. Chaudhari, DDG (NRM) is his address to the participants highlighted the objectives of organising Parthenium Week across the country, the history of Parthenium reaching our country, its wide spread, its harmful effect on human health and crop production and the need to manage it efficiently. He also asked the students and staff members to be the ambassadors for carrying the message to the farmers in different villages. Dr S. K. Chaudhari, DDG (NRM) also complimented the staff of ICAR-CRIDA for organising the awareness programme in TSP villages, HRF farm and other villages of MGMG programme. Later the participants participated in uprooting of the parthenium in few blocks of the HRF.


Dr S K Chaudhari, DDG (NRM) addressing the participants on Parthenium Awareness Week at ICAR-CRIDA
Uprooting of Parthenium weed
Uprooting of Parthenium weed