KVK Rangareddy

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List of Field Demonstrations (FLDs) by KVK

Crop Production

Field Demonstrations

  • Demonstration of high yielding, disease tolerant horsegram varieties 'CRHG-18R' and 'CRHG-4'


Field Demonstrations

  • Demonstration of mulching practice in tomato and cucurbits
  • Raising of vegetable seedlings in Pro-trays
  • Demonstration of fruit fly pheromone traps in mango

Crop Protection

Field Demonstrations

  • Sucking pest management in Bt cotton using stem application of monocrotophos followed by Verticillium spraying
  • Yellow stem borer management using BIPM methods in rice  (Seed treatment with pseudomonas, pheromone traps, Trichogramma release etc.)
  • Pod borer and wilt management in redgram using tolerant var. 'PRG 158' and IPM techniques (Trichoderma, soil application, pheromone traps, Neem oil/NSKE application)
  • Demonstration of high yielding and blast tolerant ragi variety 'PRS-2'

Agricultural Engineering

Field Demonstrations

  • Six row planter for effective sowing of pigeonpea and maize
  • Comparison of CRIDA manual weeder and bullock drawn weeders with local practice in vegetable and flower crops
  • Different micro irrigation methods for conserving water and comparison with local methods
  • Alternate wetting and drying method for paddy to conserve water
  • Conoweeder for weeding in row system planting in paddy
  • Different soil and water conservation structures in the farmers fields

Veterinary Science

Field Demonstrations

  • Demonstration of perennial fodder 'Hybrid Napier Co-4'
  • Demonstration of complete concentrate feed mixture usage for milch animals

Home Science

  • Green leaf vegetables for improvement of haemoglobin levels in farmwomen
  • Introducing multigrain atta for quality protein and micronutrients
  • Capron for protective clothing during field operations for farm women
  • Finger guards for vegetables and fruit harvesting
  • Picking bags for cotton harvesting
  • Bhendi cutters for harvesting vegetables and flowers