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KVK Horticulture



How can I induce flowering in mango?

During February 0.5% Urea (5 g/lit.) or 1% Potassium Nitrate (10g/lit.) may be sprayed to induce flowering in mango.


Suggest some alternate methods for biennial bearing?

i.Plant regular bearing varieties like Banglora, Neelum ii.Follow regular cultural practices like manuring, pruning, watering and plant protection measures.


How can I get more yield in acid lime?

Fruit set in acid lime can be increased by 2,4,D @ 20 ppm during flowering. Similarly the fruit retention can be achieved by spraying 2,4,D @ 20 ppm / NAA 30 ppm after fruit set (marble size).


Name some mango varieties suited for export?

Alphonso, Banganapalli, Sendura


What is the method of training adopted for growing grapes?

Pandal system Suggest some of the methods to increase grape yield and quality. Dip the clusters in solution containing Brassinosteroid 0.5 ppm and GA3 25 ppm at 10 -12 days after fruit set.


How can I increase the berry size in grapes?

Dip the clusters of Thomson seedless and other seedless varieties at calyptra fall with 25 ppm GA (25 mg/lit) and repeat again at pepper stage to increase the size of berries.


How to prepare Bordeaux mixture?

A quantity of 400 g of Copper sulphate should be dissolved in 20 lit of water and 400 g of lime in another 20 lit of water separately. The copper sulphate solution should be added to the lime solution constantly stirring the mixture. Earthern or wooden vessels and plastic containers alone should be used and metallic containers should not be used. To find out whether the mixture is in correct proportion, a polished knife should be dipped in the mixture for one minute and taken out. If there is reddish brown deposit of copper, additional quantity of lime should be added till there is no deposit in the knife.


How to control bronzing of leaves in guava?

Combined spraying of ZnSO4, MgSO4, and MnSO4 @ 0.5 % and CuSO4 and FeSO4 @ 0.25 % + Teepol @ 1 ml per 5 lit. of solution on a new flush, one month of 1st spray, flowering and fruit set stage will control the bronzing of leaves in guava.


How can I control fruit borer in pomegranate?

i. Bag the fruits with polythene covers during flowering period to prevent egg-laying ii. Spray 2 ml/lit of Endosulfon or Malathion iii. Spray neem oil 3 % or NSKE 5 % at the time of butterfly activity


Fruit fly is the big menace for me? How can I control them?

i. Destroy the infested fruits ii. Dig the soil under tree canopy to destroy pupae and incorporate Lindane 1.3 % dust @ 30 g/tree. iii. Spray Malathion or Endosulfon or Quinolphos 2 ml/lit


What kind of fruit trees can I choose for dry land areas?

Aonla, Sapota and Ber VEGETABLE CROPS


How can I control fruit borer in Tomato?

Helicoverpa armigera and Spodoptera litura (common for both) i. Grow simultaneously 40 days old American tall marigold and 25 days old tomato seedlings @ 1:16 rows. ii. Set up pheromone traps @ 12/ha. iii. Collection and destruction of damaged fruits and grown up caterpillars. iv. Spray endosulfan 35EC 2 ml/lit or carbaryl 50WP 2 g/lit or Bacillus thuringiensis 2g/lit or quinalphos 2.5 ml/lit. v. Release Trichogramma chilonis @ 50000/ha/release coinciding with flowering time and based on ETL. For Helicoverpa armigera Helicoverpa armigera NPV 1.5 x 1012 POBs/ha For Spodoptera litura Spodoptera litura NPV 1.5 x 1012 POBs/ha Provide poison bait with carbaryl 1.25 kg, rice bran 12.5 kg, jaggery 1.25 kg and water 7.5 lit/ha. Suggest some ways to control spotted wilt virus in tomato. Carbofuran 3G 1kg. a.i./ha in nursery at sowing and second application at 1.25 kg a.i./ha 10 days after transplanting in mainfield and 3 sprays of Endosulphan 35 EC 1.5 ml/lit @ 25, 40, 55 days after transplanting.


What is the seed rate for hybrid tomato?

150 g/ha


Is there any alternate to boost the yield in brinjal?

Spray 2 ppm (1 ml in 500 lit) triacontanol + Sodium borate or Borax 35 mg/lit of water 15 days after transplanting and at the time of full bloom to increase the yield.


In my Brinjal field one or two plants are having very small leaves. What is the problem and remedy for that?

It is mainly due to virus disease problem called ‘little leaf of brinjal’. This can be controlled by removing the affected plants in the early stage and spray Methyl dematon 25 EC 2 ml/lit to control the vector.


Certain plants in my bhendi field show yellow coloured leaves? What is the problem and how to rectify that?

This is mainly due to the virus infection. The virus mainly transmitted through white flies. The vectors can be controlled by spraying 2 ml/lit of Monocrotophos.


How can I increase the quality of chilli fruits?

Application of potassium in the form of Potassium Sulphate will increase the quality in chilli crop.


A severe flower drop was noticed in chilli. Howe to control that?

Spray NAA 10 ppm (10 mg/lit of water) on 60 and 90 days after planting to increase the fruit set.


Name some varieties in annual moringa?

PKM-1, PKM-2 and KM-1


What is the seed rate required for raising 1 ha of annual moringa

500 grams


Hairy caterpillar is a big problem for me in moringa crop. How to control that?

i. Use flame torch when the caterpillar settle at the trunk ii. Spray Chloripyriphos or Quinalphos 2 ml/lit.


How to control diamond back moth in cabbage?

i. Grow mustard as intercrop as 20:1 ratio to attract diamond back moths for oviposition. ii. Periodically spray the mustard crop with insecticide to avoid the dispersal of the larvae. iii. Install pheromone traps at 12/ha. iv. Spray cartap hydrochloride 1 g/lit or Bacillus thuringiensis 2 g/lit at primordial stage (ETL 2 larvae/plant) v. Spray NSKE 5 % after primordial stage. vi. Release parasite Diadegma semiclausum at 50,000/ha, 60 days after planting.


What is the ideal season for planting of carrot in plains?





What is the best time for pruning rose?

The best time of pruning is the period when the activity of rose plant is atleast and the plant is dormant to near dormant stage. Pruning time will depend on climatic conditions of the particular region. Cutting back the vigorous past season shoots to half the length. All the weak, diseased, criss-crossing and unproductive shoots are removed. The cut ends should be protected with Bordeaux or Copper oxychloride + Carboryl 50 WP.


When will the flowers initiate after pruning in rose?

The flowering will commence 45 days after pruning.


How to manage wilt in chrysanthemum?

Before planting, dip the roots of the suckers in carbendazim 1 gm in 1 lit to protect against wilt.


What should be done to get more branches in chrysanthemum?

Pinching should be done once in 4 weeks after planting to induce more branching in chrysanthemum.