KVK Rangareddy

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List of On Farm Testings (OFTs)

Crop Production

On Farm Testings

  • Assessment of high yielding, downy mildew tolerant bajra hybrid 'PHB-3'
  • Assessment of high yielding and wilt tolerant castor variety 'DCS-107'
  • Assessment of high yielding and extra early duration redgram variety 'PRG-176'
  • Assessment of high yielding and wilt tolerant chickpea variety 'Nandyala Senaga-1' (NBeG-3)


On Farm Testings

  • Assessment of triple resistant tomato hybrid  'Arka Rakshak'
  • Assessment of Chrysanthemum varieties (Raichur, Silper, Aparajitha, Yellow gold) for higher yield
  • Use of 'vegetable special' foliar spray for high flower and fruit set in vegetables
  • Adaptation of fertigation schedule for improving yields in cucurbits

Crop Protection

On Farm Testings

  • On farm production of Trichoderma at village level

Agricultural Engineering

On Farm Tastings

  • Conservation furrows in pigeonpea with CRIDA paired row planter
  • Drum seeder for direct seeding of pre germinated paddy
  • Performance evaluation of mechanical weeders

Veterinary Science

On Farm Tastings

  • Effect of area specific mineral mixture on livestock productivity at farmers level.
  • Comparative efficacy of Oxyclozanide and Levamisole in control of   antihelminthics in calves
  • Studies on efficacy of vitamin E, Selenium and Meloxicam plus along with Enrofloxacillin in treatment of bovine mastitis
  • Studies on efficacy of coated vitamins and chelated minerals in anoestrous condition due to nutritional deficiency in bovine cattle
  • Assessment performance of Srinidhi (dual purpose) poultry breed