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Soil and Water Testing Laboratory

Soil and Water Testing Laboratory was established in the year 2004-05 to cater the needs of farmers of Ranga Reddy district of Telangana State. Regular trainings and awareness camps are being conducted in the KVK adopted villages and other villages of Ranga Reddy district. Soil health cards and water quality cards have been designed specific to the crops of the districts and are being issued to the farmers from the year 2014 onwards. The laboratory is equipped to analyzing N,P,K, PH and EC of soil samples and PH, EC, K, Na and SAR for water. On an average 750 samples are analyzed every year. The equipment available with the soil-testing laboratory are:


Flame Photometer

pH meter

Conductivity bridge

Electronic balance

Chemical balance

Water distillation still

Kjeldahl digestion and distillation units




Hot plate



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Krishi Unnathi Mela -2018 and KVK 10th National Conference
---------------------------------------------- Hon’ble Additional Secretary (DARE) and Secretary, ICAR visit to KVK, CRIDA
---------------------------------------------- Sustainable intensification and diversification in Horticulture & Livestock entrepreneurs
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Upcoming Events
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--------------------------------------- Training on Farm mechanization for different crops in 2018
--------------------------------------- Training on Value addition to fruits and vegetables in 2018
--------------------------------------- Training on Crop Management Practices of field crops for AEO’s in 2018
--------------------------------------- Training on Value addition to millets, cereals and pulses in 2018
--------------------------------------- Field day on GAPs in Chrysanthemum in 2018
--------------------------------------- Training on Watershed activities in 2018 at KVK, CRIDA
--------------------------------------- Skill development training programme on Floriculture – open field cultivation in November,2018
--------------------------------------- Skill development training programme on Dairy Farmer – Entrepreneur in December, 2018
--------------------------------------- Training on Farm pond constriction and lining in December, 2018 at KVK, CRIDA
--------------------------------------- Training on Micro irrigation and fertigation in January, 2019 at KVK, CRIDA