KVK Rangareddy

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Staff Profile
S Vijaya Kumar
Senior Technical Officer
Subject Matter Specialist (Agril. Engineering & Farm Implement)
Krishi Vigyan Kendra
Hayathnagar Research Form (HRF)
Hayathnagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India - 501 505.
Phone: (Off.) 91-40-24200732, Fax: 91-40-24531802
E-mail: vijay@crida.in
  • Graduation, B.Tech (Agril.Engg), ANGRA University, Bapatla, Collage of Agricultural Engineering, 2000.
  • Post Graduation, M.Tech (Water Resources), JNT University, Hyderabad, 2004.

Subject Matter Specialist (Agricultural Engineering) KVK (RR Dist), CRIDA, Hyderabad, from 25.10.2010 till date

  • Establish demonstration units of improved technologies in farm mechanization and watershed activities at KVK to create awareness among the farmers.
  • Renovation of defunct rainwater harvesting and recharging structures to improve water storage capacity for protective irrigation and improve ground water.
  • Conduct On Farm Trails (OFTs), Front Line Demonstrations (FLDs) and other extension activities as per the KVK mandate.
  • Demonstration and giving awareness on Farm Implements for large area in rainfed region.
  • Maintain demonstration plots for KVK farm and water shed.
  • Running of Custom Hiring Center in KVK adopted villages.
  1. Geospatial Knowledge Management for Sustainable Agriculture Using Open Source GIS, September 2-12, 2014. NAARM, Hyderabad-30
  2. Process Documentation &Presentation Skills, January 22-25, 2014, Extension Education Institute, ANGRAU, Hyderabad
  3. Crop-Weather Dynamics, 24 Aug-13 Sept, 2012, CRIDA, Hyderabad
  4. Mechanization of Dryland Agriculture, January 4-11, 2011, CRIDA, and Hyderabad
  5. Web Design & Content Management, 21 Feb-4 March, 2009, CRIDA, Hyderabad
  6. Software Testing tool, 16 April -17 May, 2007, BG Information Technology Pvt.Ltd, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad
  7. Agri-Clinics and Agri-Business, 19 Jan-18 March, 2003, PRDIS, Hyderabad.
  8. Programming in C, 1 Jan-31 March, 1999, National Institute of Computer Engineering, Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh.

National Journals: 02

International Conferences: 03

National Conferences: 07

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  • Varshapu Neeti Samrakshana viniyoga paddhathulu - Interview, DOR 19-02-2015 and DOB 28-02-2015, AIR, Hyderabad.
  • Varilo Yaantrikarana Paddhathulu Rhythulaka Anagaahana, Anusarana-Interview, DOR 16-10-2014 and DOB 29-10-2014, AIR, Hyderabad.
  • Yanaantreekarana Dwaara Varisaagu, DOR 09-07-2014 and DOB 15-07-2014, AIR, Hyderabad.
  • Seed cum Fertilizer Drill-Interview, DOR 11-10-2012 and DOB 02-11-2012, AIR, Hyderabad.
  • Neetikuntala Nirmanam-Live Phone in, DOB 02-05-2012, AIR, Hyderabad.
  • State level exhibition and how it beneficiary CRIDA activities for farmers, DOR 23-02-2012 and DOB 24-02-2012, AIR, Hyderabad.
  • Kothala Parikaralu-Interview, DOR 11-10-2011 and DOB 27-10-2011, AIR, Hyderabad.
  • Varshapu Neetini Niluva Chese Paddathalu-Interview, DOR 16-05-2011 and DOB 22-05-2011, AIR, Hyderabad.
  • Community based Custom-hiring equipments using by farmers in KVK adopted villages. DOR 21-09-2011 and DOB 27-09-2011, AIR, Hyderabad.
  • World Agricultural forum Agri-Tech Trade Fair "CRIDA Agricultural Implements and watershed activities availability & beneficiary for formers use" DOR 06-07-2013 and DOB 07-07-2013, N T.V Channel, Hyderabad.
  • Paired row cultivation for in-insitu moisture conservation and water shed activities DOR 28-11-2011 and DOB 02-12-2011, DD T.V Channel, Hyderabad.
  • Importance of agricultural implements and micro irrigation DOR 23-02-2012 and DOB 24-03-2012, IBS T.V Channel, Nalgonda Local Channel.
  • Best Paper award, 4th International Conference on – HYDROLOGY AND WATERSHED MANAGEMENT Ecosystem Resilience-Rural and Urban Water Requirements: Impact of Community Based Watershed Development A Case Study, 29th Oct - 1st November, 2014, Center for Water Resource, JNTU, Hyderabad.
  • Life member – Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers (LM-10622), New Delhi
  • Life member – Indian Society of Dryland Agriculture (LM / ISDA/ 378), Hyderabad