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KVK Success Stories

Integrated Farming system for sustainable net returns

1.Farmer Details:


  • Name                                : Gogireddy Anjireddy
  • Father’s Name                   : G. Rami Reddy
  • Address of correspondence : Arutla Village, Manchal Mandal,
                                                      RR Dist, Telangana
  • Mobile No.                        : 9440059936
  • Adhar No.                         : 911334554449

2.Innovations developed:

Integrated farming system approach, farm pond construction, Live-stock (Cows, Buffalos, poultry) with fodder block management, Inter cropping of vegetables, off season vegetable cultivation, improved practices in cultivation

3.Innovations adopted in Farming:

Farm pond construction, Livestock (Cows, Buffalos, poultry) with fodder block management, Inter cropping of vegetables, off season vegetable cultivation, Improved practices like raised bed, Plastic mulching, Use of Bio-products, IPM/IDM, Effective water & nutrient management with Drip/Micro sprinkles/Fertigation, organic practices in vegetable cultivation

4.Activity wise income, cost-benefit ratio, gross and net income year-wise (previous five years):



5.Productivity Levels achieved in major income generating activity during the last five years:



6.What improvement have been effected for productivity, profitability and sustainability - enhancement:

Water use efficiency improved with construction of farm pond, drip/sprinkler/fertigation paved the way for improved nutrient uptake. Live-stock with cropping system have sustainable income and synergetic effect on yields of all enterprises.

7.Any spread effect on Farmers/Fellow Farmers:

Awareness programmes like field trainings/field days/farmer group discussions were organized by KVK-CRIDA in collaboration with Department officials from Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal husbandry to the farmers from different villages of Ibrahimpatnam division. Farmers were in a position to understand the field problems while managing the Integrated farming system for sustainable income even in variable climatic conditions.

8.Innovative interventions inducted in the system of production and management and effects:

Raised bed cultivation, plastic mulching, integrated pest & disease management, Use of bio-fertilizers, bio-control agents, emulsified oils, Foilar sprays of micronutrients, Green manuring, use of vermi compost, Application of Plant based extracts. Drip/micro sprinklers with fertigation, Need based hormones foliar application, Intercropping, mixed cropping,

9.The contribution of the innovator in terms of:

  • New package of practices / management strategies: Green manuring, use of vermi compost, raised bed cultivation, plastic mulching, integrated pest & disease management, Intercropping, mixed cropping,
  • Saving or resources / inputs: Plastic mulching, Use of bio products, IPM,IDM, Raised bed cultivation, Green manuring, Drip/spriklers
  • Breaking technology transfer barriers: Conducted many field visits to the farmers group with the help of KVK and line departments for transfer of technology
  • Prevention of outbreak of diseases and pests: Precautionary measures like use of Trichoderma, Pseudomonad, Pacelomyces, Metarizhium, Verticilium, mass trapping with pheromone traps, sticky papers, sprays of plant based extracts avoided the pest and disease out break and reduce the cost of cultivation
  • Bringing about radical change in management packages/contributing record production from land, water or animals: Farmer with adoption of integrated crop management got tremendous yield increase ( 58 per cent) in cucurbits and vegetable crops

10.Extent of publicity of hs / her innovations / contributions / success story:

Team of scientists from KVK-CRIDA and SKLTS Horticulture University, Hyderabad visited several times and documented the practices. Officials of Dept. of Horticulture are also involved in this process.

11.Documentary proof-photos, publications, certificates, awards, etc:

Recognised as best model for Integrated farming system in the district and got high publicity through media coverage

Field photographs and media coverage:

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