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Two days of training on Natural farming at KVK CRIDA farm


KVK-Ranga Reddy District- ICAR- Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture conducted training on Natural farming under the Project “Out scaling of Natural Farming through KVKs” at KVK-CRIDA Farm, Hayathnagar from 26-27 February 2024.

                A team of Scientists explained the scope and importance of natural farming. Sustainable agriculture has gained increasing attention in recent years due to concerns about environmental degradation, food security, and the long-term viability of conventional farming practices. Among the various approaches to sustainable agriculture, natural farming stands out for its emphasis on working in harmony with natural ecosystems to promote soil health, biodiversity, and resilience. This training educated farmers about the principles and practices of natural farming, including the minimization of external inputs, soil health management, biodiversity promotion and holistic ecosystem management. The KVK team also discussed the role of education, training, and knowledge-sharing in empowering farmers to adopt and adapt natural farming techniques. By embracing natural farming principles, farmers can cultivate healthy soils, improve crop resilience, and contribute to the conservation of natural resources while ensuring the long-term sustainability of agricultural systems.Farmers visited demonstration plots viz. Multilayer copping, intercrops in Natural farming block KVK, the exhibition arranged at the venue. About 55 farmers and farm women from different villages of the district and the KVK team are involved in this program.

Scientists involved in this programme

  • Dr.I.Srinivas, Principal Scientist(Farm machinery)
  • Sri G. Srikrishna, SMS(Horticulture)
  • Dr. K.B.Sridhar, Senior Scientist(Forestry) & i/c Head, KVK
  • Dr. Manjunath, Senior Scientist (Agril. Microbiology)
  • Dr.AGK Reddy, Senior Scientist (Horticulture)
  • Dr.D.Sudheer, SMS(Vety.Science)
  • Dr. S. Vijaya Kumar, SMS (Agriculture Engineering)
  • Sri. P.Ramakrishna, Technical Officer

Speaker 1
Speaker 2
Speaker 3