Farmer-Scientist-Extension Interface Meeting

A farmer-scientist-extension interface meeting was held on June 18, 2024 at CRIDA adopted village Gaddamallaiahguda, Yacharam Mandar, Rangareddy district. The meeting was attended by Dr. K Ravi Shankar SIC (TOT) and PI CMV project along with Dr. Jagriti Rohit, Scientist (Agril. Extn.), Ms Deepika, Mandal Officer, Yacharam Mandal, Ms Anusha, Program officer (HDFC/BAIF). Around 30 male farmers and 25 women farmers attended the meeting. During the meeting, Dr. K Ravi Shankar SIC (TOT) briefed the activities undertaken in the CRIDA model village project at Gaddamallaiahguda village during the last year.

He also explained the interventions planned for the kharif season. Dr. Jagriti Rohit Scientist (Agril. Extn.) explained about the group activities and initiated the formation of women SHG’s at the village. Ms Deepika, Mandal Officer, Yacharam Mandal also spoke about the developmental program of the government. Later on, farmers expressed their opinion and concerns. A feedback session was also carried out during the meeting. Seeds of yellow Sorghum (PYPS-2) and redgram (TDR-59) was distributed to the farmers. Women farmers were also given the seed in equal numbers.

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