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NICRA/Theme- 1/1 Impact of elevated CO2 and elevated temperature on phenology, physiology, growth and yield of major rainfed crops
Effect of elevated CO2 and elevated temperature on:
i. Photosynthetic trait dissection in black gram
ii. Soil nutrient dynamics
iii. GHG emissions
iv. Nutritional profiling of crops
v. Quality of crop residues
M Vanaja, 2021-2026
NICRA/Theme- 1/2 Impact of eCO2 and eT on Rhizo- microbiome of black gram and characterization of efficient Rhizobium strain(s)
Rooting behaviour in Rhizobium inoculated plants in black gram
M Manjunath, 2021-2026
NICRA/Theme- 1/3 Impact of eCO2 & eT on growth, phenology, physiology and yield of potato AGK Reddy 2021-2026
NICRA/Theme- 1/4 Quantification of impacts of eCO & eT 2 on pest dynamics of major rainfed crop M.S. Rao 2021-2026
NICRA/Theme- 2/1 Soil Plant Water dynamics modelling under eCO2 and eTemp and varying rainfall intensities for rainfed crops (LWME and Agromet): KS Reddy 2021-2026
NICRA/Theme- 2/2 Soil nutrient leaching and carbon pool study under elevated CO2 , eT and varying rainfall intensities ( Soil Science:) Pushpanjali 2021-2026
NICRA/Theme- 2/3 Physiological traits contributing to change in crop co coefficients/crop water requirements under elevated Co2 and temp and varying intensities of rainfall (Physiology) M Vanaja 2021-2026
NICRA/Theme- 3/1 Adaptation and mitigation of climate change through effective resource management practices in rainfed agriculture K. Sammi Reddy 2021-2026
NICRA/Theme- 3/2 Development of sustainable intensification practices for adaptation to climate change and mitigation co-benefits G. Pratibha 2022 - 2026
NICRA/Theme- 3/3 Prioritized water conservation options and design considerations under climate change scenario K. V. Rao, 2022 - 2026
NICRA/Theme- 3/4 Quantification of Greenhouse gas emissions from rainfed systems and important developmental programmes implemented in rainfed regions of the country JVNS Prasad 2022 - 2026
NICRA/Theme- 3/5 Genetic enhancement for drought tolerance in black gram B. Sarkar 2022 - 2026
NICRA/Theme- 3/6 Assessment of nitrous oxide emissions from livestock urine deposited in grazed pastures during different seasons DBV Ramana 2022 - 2026
NICRA/Theme-4/1 Adaptation targeting and prioritization for climate change C A Rama Rao 2021-2026
NICRA/Theme- 4/2 Assessing impact of climate change on major rainfed crops and constructing agro-climatic analogues for adaptation B M K Raju 2021-2026
NICRA/Theme- 4/3 Adoption Dynamics and Institutional Drivers for Scaling Out Resilience enhancing Technologies K Nagasree 2021-2026
NICRA/Theme- 5/1 Assessing spatio-temporal yield variability of pearl millet, pigeon pea and groundnut in India under projected climates: A simulation approach Sarath Chandran M.A 2021-2026
NICRA/Theme- 5/2 Integrated assessment of climate change on water availability & demand and development of adaptation strategies in Krishna basin K.V. Rao 2021-2026
NICRA/Theme- 5/3 Real-time Extreme Weather Event Monitoring Network A.V.M. Subba Rao 2021-2026
NICRA/Theme- 5/4 Deep Learning based AI models for Plant Recognition and Stress Detection from Plant Digital Imageries N. Ravi Kumar 2021-2024
NICRA - AICRPAM Development of Strategies for improved agromet advisories at micro- level by integrating Climate Impacts and Weather Extremes S.K. Bal
AVM Subba Rao
Sarath Chandran M.A.
N. Manikandan