Externally Funded, (Ongoing) Projects


Project Code

Title of the Projects



Budget (Rs.)

Funded by Agency

EF060 Updation of District Agriculture Contingency Plans K.V. Rao 2016-2022 344.00 DAC
EF061 Drought Monitoring, Planning and Management: Improving food security and resilience of the drought affected states in India K.V. Rao 2016-2022 USD 20130= Rs. 12,92,144.7 (1 US Dollar = 64.19 Indian Rupees in July 2017) IWMI
EF Sealing out Climate – Smart Agriculture for Resilient Farming in India K.V. Rao 2021-2025 24 lakhs Funded by IWMI IWMI
EF Resource management Strategies for Agricultural Systems Sustainability in Odisha K.V. Rao 2022-2025 1,96,38,450 Govt of Odisha, Bhubaneswar
EF063 KRISHI – Knowledge based Resources Information Systems Hub for Innovations in Agriculture N. S. Raju NA NA
EF046 Crop Pest Surveillance and Advisory project (CROPSAP) in Maharashtra. M. Prabhakar 2022-2023 45.00 CROPSAP- Govt. of Maharashtra
EF065 Agrarian Distress and PMFBY: An analysis of rainfed agriculture A. Amarender Reddy 2022-2023 21.2652 lakhs NABARD
EF059 (Farmers’FIRST) Farmers’ centric natural resource development for socio economic empowerment in rainfed areas of Southern Telangana region G. Nirmala 2016-2025 90.00
EF060 Behavioural surveillance of farmers in the wake of COVID 19: A Psychosocial Study Jagriti Rohit 2021 - 2026 4,50,000
EF065 Innovative & contextual Agromet advisor services for climatic smart agriculture A.V.M. Subba Rao 2018-2022 101.654
EF Consortium for Scaling-up Climate Smart Agriculture in South Asia (C-SUCSeS) J.V.N.S. Prasad 2022-2024 50,00 US Dollar
EF (13-03-2023) Assessment to Gender Inclusiveness in Rainfed Agriculture Anishda Beevi CN 2 years 8,50,000 ICSSR